• Quick Fixes To Get Your Pages Indexed by Search Engines

    pinglerIf you generate a backlink, Google needs to be able to crawl that link in order for it to be aware of its existence. Which means if the backlink is on a page that is not yet indexed by Google, the search engine has no way of knowing of the page’s (and therefore the backlink’s) existence. So if you are building links, there might be a number of links that will sit within the depths of the web, never being discovered due to them not being indexed by search engines.

    So, how can we fix this problem? There are a few ways that we can get around this, but first, you are going to need to know about an interesting function within the WordPress script. WordPress pingbacks are a system that notifies you when someone is linking to yourpage, even well before the page has been indexed. This is a more instantaneous method than search engine indexing.

    Another useful service is Pingler, a simple Ping service. This lets you send a ping to pages, which will notify Google and other search engines of the pages existence. However please note that this service has limited value as you are not actually building links to these pages.

    Yahoo PipesThe other method that I prefer is to compile these links into a custom RSS feed using Yahoo Pipes, and then submitting these feeds toRSS directories. By doing this, you will be sending a link from a page that is already indexed to a page that is not indexed already, meaning that the page can now be crawled by the search engines. This is a sure fire way to ensure that your links are going to be noticed by Google and the other search engines.

    If you have a WordPress site and are looking for a quick fix, there are WordPress plugins that helps your pages and backlinks to get noticed by search engines. Plugins like Pingback Optimizer and Backlinks Energizer are both effective in getting your links indexed.

    If you are ready to take the next step, an effective long term strategy would be link building on your preferred pages (getting external relevant links back to your website pages). Check out my article 4 Link Building Tips for Immediate Use where this is discussed in more detail.

    The key is to ensure that all of the pages that are linking your website are indexed. The above methods will help increase your backlink indexing rate, so that you can be certain that your link building efforts are much more effective.

    I’d love to get your thoughts and comments.

    Rita Auta
    Rita is a marketing consultant and director of London marketing agency PR Service UK. Services include social media marketing, press release services and article writing. Although her academic background includes a Bachelor of Law and a postgraduate diploma in PR, she developed an interest in internet marketing 5 years ago while working for some of London's top marketing agencies. Connect with Rita on Twitter @ritaauta and Google+
    Rita Auta
    Rita Auta
    Rita Auta

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  1. Carly says:

    Very helpful info. If more backlinks got indexed, the less you would have to do. The reason too you need to add a lot is because so many of them are lost.

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